Sunday, December 13, 2009


In my self-portrait, I wanted to portray a very interesting viewpoint and evoke an intense mood. I portrayed a unique viewpoint by including the mirror, as well as the light and background, in my drawing. I drew my face looking very serious to show emotion in my eyes. I selected the composition I did because I found it extremely interesting. Although my face is the main focal point of the drawing, there are other things going on around it that catch your attention. The lighting on my face created amazing shadows from my hair. Creating form was difficult, but overall, I acheived it by using the shapes in the shadows to create a 3D look. The background of my portrait includes straight and diagonal lines that cut across the paper. This reinforces the inspiration of my mentor, Richard Diebenkorn. The biggest risk I took in my portrait was drawing my face at an angle. It may not sound difficult, but drawing at an angle moves all features of the face into different positions.